Welcome! Please take your time to explore our range of landscape photography by using the menu on the right hand side of this page. From unique Globe Photos that give you a detailed 360 degree view of Cornwall's famous beauty spots to more traditional landscape photos capturing Cornwall's beauty, we have framed pieces or mounted prints to cheer up any home. Or have a look at our gift card collection to send a slice of Cornwall to a loved one.

Cornwall has a certain magic that has always captured my heart. The dramatic landscape, distinctive remoteness and picturesque coastline are as unique as the Cornish culture. I wanted to create a way to show Cornwall off in a new light, a way that gives you a 360 degree view of the entire landscape from standing in my favourite spots and highlights the fact that beauty is definitely all around us when in Cornwall!! Explore the county with our series of Globe Photos and start building up your collection today!

We also capture the stunning Cornish coastline and countryside in a more traditional way and have a range of beautiful landscape images. Not only does Cornwall boast some of the UK's most beautiful scenery but also has dramatic skies, changeable weather and artistic light which I have captured in these images.

I have always been in love with photography and saved up my pocket money, aged 13, to buy my first SLR. Since studying at University College Falmouth, have explored the way it has become so creative since becoming digital. I then backpacked around the world in my camera for a year before working in New Zealand, on Cruise Ships and in India as a photographer. I have always been drawn back to Cornwall though, and so have settled down and set up Diamond Light Photography in Penzance.

I hope you enjoy exploring my work. If you have any questions please contact me on ali@diamondlightphoto.com.

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