From our coastal home in South East Cornwall we produce exquisite items in pewter. Here you will find ranges of pewter miniatures, fashion accessories such as belt buckles, pendants and much more. Cornwall has a proud tradition since ancient times of mining the prime constituent metal of pewter - tin now one of the most valuable of metals. An ancient livery guild originally established to regulate the pewter industry in Britain still exists in London.

In our shop you will find highly collectable and articulated miniatures hand painted or polished following traditional themes such as characters from Alice in Wonderland and British craftsmen. There are thimble collections, unusual themed belt buckles, pendants and pins, key rings, light pulls and other ranges of gift and home-wares.

This shop is scheduled to open in 2015.

To show you how your product is made :


Making the moulds

Casting the pieces

Hand painting and assembly

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Girt Beach House
PL10 1PD

T: 07791 634 471

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